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We said hello on Olympiakos Sport Akadémia website! 

Our association at which the serious past is the Greek footballer a school's sample is struggling along to domesticate our homeland. We fortify it with making use of the Greek experiences, we develop it on it qualitative supply training, for which we may become capable one duly, that way, that we take advantage of it the Hungarian football got it opportunities.


 All of our leaders, our trainer and our helper big past, many experiences are at disposal of the junior training,and on the area of the talent care. We took advantage of it for the association's vocational program his forming the expertise of specialists like that and sportsmen, who know the football of both countries in his details, its unique features, his educational manner.


 The association's vocational leader  Sandor Gujdar - there was a chosen player -, who returned from Greece recently, where until long time trainer. His experiences investing chose it and sorts out his vocational staff and the most important ones, the children.


Sandor Gujdar

  Sandor Gujdar was born on 1951.11.8 on Szentes.10 started a footballer's career in saint Kinizsi team on year one.SEOLAK was his goalkeeper between 1970-1974.between 1974-1982 BP HONVÉD player.247 championship ones 249 received a goal on a match.Champion(1979-80),2 X silver madal(1974-75 and 1977-78). Hungarian cup winner (1976-77)2 X (1975,1977)winner champions' gymnastics,although he did not save on the 1975 final.It 19 received a goal on 15 matches in UEFA Cup.the match is effective in BEK three times found his gate,.The goal scorer was Real Madrid's player.Between 1982-84 Greek Aris Saloniki legionary was.Had to return home because of a serious head injury.Austrian Osthban was his goalkeeper between 1986-89 after his recovery.the supply was playing 25 times in a national team between 1974 the supply EB the goalkeeper of a team won was.was included in 1976-80 ,25 times in the big national team.As a trainer In 2002 Kispest Honvéd FC head coach.In 2007 Sopron FC a goalkeeper's trainer.

Sandor Gujdar